tips on guilt

do not feel guilt over:

  • talking openly about things that actually happened to you
  • being yourself (you can’t help but be this)
  • liking things you can’t help but like (you didn’t choose them)
  • not being good enough yet (you’ll find your own way)
  • anything beyond your control (the guilt serves no purpose)

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how do i even get followers all i do is hit the reblog button and talk to myself

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  • Daily reminder: you need calories simply to continue to function and exist.
  • Losing weight: you need to eat.
  • Maintaining weight: you need to eat.
  • Didn't work out: you need to eat.
  • Ate a lot yesterday: you need to eat.
  • Happy: you need to eat.
  • Sad: you need to eat.
  • Everyone: needs to eat, every day.
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